This project was developed in cooperation with GOGOLFEST and the theatres OGALALA KREUZBERG and THEATROMANIA. MARIUPOL: A HUNDRED NIGHTS is a video art series, which can be shown as a movie or presented as an exhibition. Combined with live painting it is also being used for theatrical performances. 
The project tries to document the horrible destructions in the city of Mariupol in the first 2 month of russian occupation. It is dedicated to Mariupol and its defenders. In memory of all children who have suffered or died during the russian invasion in Ukraine.
This video shows some parts of the live-performance ALARM, performed during the opening of the #GoetheImstitutImExil festival in ACUD HOUSE in Berlin on 6.10.2022.

Director:Vlad Troitsky
Curator: Andrii Palatnyi
These animations are based on the project „Belief Matters“, a theatrical dialogue created in peaceful times by ogalala kreuzberg, Berlin, teatromaniya, Mariupol and Gogolfest, Kyiv.

Peaceful times are over.
The dialogue goes on.
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